What is Art & Environment at the Wex?

Are you eco-conscious and interested in contemporary art? Will you be in 11th or 12th grade during the 2014-15 school year and do you want to pursue your independent interests on campus at The Ohio State University? Think about coming to the Wexner Center one day a week during the fall of 2015 to explore contemporary art and see how artists, scientists, and activists are working to protect our natural environment. Students meet and interview contemporary artists involved in Wexner Center projects and take field trips to environmental research and service sites around Columbus as well as further afield. Students’ final art work will be exhibited at the Center in December 2014.

Art & Environment is open to high school juniors and seniors in the central Ohio area. The course is free to those admitted and comes with transportation assistance, free books, and supplies. Regular computer access is essential for students of this course as much of the work is completed online. Students must secure parental and teacher approval for school building absence on class days. High school course credit is arranged with individual school systems through the State of Ohio’s Flex Credit policy.

Applications are due MAY 1st for the Fall 2015 course

Read about Dariel Bustos Chaves, who took A&E in 2010 and is now doing great things at The Ohio State University!

Some comments from A&E 2012 students:

“Seeing something new every week and actually being a part of the place we were visiting made the issues of the environment a lot more important to me than before.”

“This class has changed my life for the better.”

“I’m now confident that I’m dedicated enough to find time to complete projects that are important to me in whatever amount of time I’m given.”

“The class in a whole was very enlightening.”

“The independence we had separated this class from high school classes and gave us a taste of what college courses are like and I think that will be of great value for next year.”

“Being able to have that freedom allowed me to be as creative as I wanted and think outside of the box.”

“My understanding of art has become greater. Meeting artists and hearing them talk about their ideas and processes  really helped me think about art in a different way.”

“I have realized that research is very important to anything I create, and that it is important to be educated about what I am trying to convey. That research can lead to new and different ideas.”

“Using new media that I wasn’t used to was a learning experience, and even though I was apprehensive about it, I was forced to use problem-solving skills to figure it out, which was really great.”

“My understanding of art has changed drastically since taking this course. Before I thought that a lot of people just had an idea and then boom there it was art. But it is more than just that; it is a process. I realize that art resonates in many different ways with people. I have a new found love of art!”

“I didn’t know very much about environmental issues before taking this course. My school stresses recycling pretty heavily, and I had learned a little bit about global warming, but I still didn’t understand why people made such a big deal about it. This class did a wonderful job of making it feel personal to me. Now I better understand the magnitude of the issue and why it is such a big deal.”

“Shelly taught by allowing us to almost teach ourselves.  She led the conversations and we finished them.”

“My final project gave me confidence and a HUGE sense of satisfaction. I love being able to say I have a piece in the Wexner Center and knowing that my hard work paid off.”

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